Vograce Custom acrylic keychain provide an ideal way to organize all of your keys while showing off your personality! They allow you to keep all of your keys organized while showing them off!

Vograce offers customized acrylic keychains made of solid acrylic material which are resistant to scratches and blurring, perfect for any custom shape or size keychain design.

1. Create a collection of keychains that reflect your personality

Keychains are timeless promotional items that are simple and inexpensive to personalize, offering great potential to stand out in the crowd! Add personalized text, your company logo or even photos for custom keychains that stand out!

Banners are also ideal for showing off your brand, since you can choose from an array of shapes, colours, and metal finishes – not to mention they’re durable enough for everyday use!

To add something special and original to your keychain, try embellishing with tassels or hardware pieces. Or create personalized keychains using silicone moulds, featuring initials or dates as designs.

Keychains are an affordable and practical promotional gift, ideal for trade shows, stocking stuffers or special events. Give out keychains as trade show giveaways or party favours during special celebrations to showcase your brand.

To design a keychain, first determine who it will be given to, and select an appealing design for them.

One effective way to personalize your gift and leave an indelible mark on its recipient is with a custom keychain adorned with their image or an inspirational quote. This makes their memory of you fonder while making their experience even sweeter!

Once you’ve chosen your keychain design, the next step is placing an order. Our ordering system makes this quick and simple: placing orders usually only takes minutes!

As soon as your order is submitted, a confirmation email with your order details will be sent directly to you and within days you should receive your personalized keychain!

As soon as you’re ready to begin your craft project, a few supplies will be necessary. First of all, a keychain stamp and metal ring. Both items can be found at craft stores or online.

Next, gather several sheets of acetate and any photos you like that measure 1″-2″ square.

Once you have selected a photo to include on your keychain, use acetate to trace and cut out its shape with scissors. After this step is completed, use glue to adhere the acetate onto the faux leather surface and be proud to show off your new keychain!

2. Create a collection of keychains that are unique to you

Vograce custom keychains are an excellent way to express yourself and support your favourite team or sport. Crafted from various materials like metal and acrylic, they can even be engraved with any design of your choosing!

As they come in a range of colours and sizes, you are sure to find something to match your personal or organizational aesthetic. Plus they are durable and odorless – making them the ideal promotional item.

Vograce offers more than acrylic keychains; they also provide personalized phone cases, figurines, candy keychains and other branded merchandise to meet individual customer needs.

Vograce products offer another simple and cost-effective way of personalizing them: adding stickers. Custom printed with your business or event’s logo or design, these stickers provide an effective means of promotion.

When creating custom stickers, it is essential that a high-quality printer and paper are chosen in order to ensure a final product that looks professional and of top-notch quality.

Vograce custom keychains are highly affordable, making bulk orders cost-effective. Bright and durable, they make great keepsakes or showpieces of any team or hobby you enjoy, as well as being ideal for marketing businesses or organizations or giving as gifts to friends and family members.

3. Create a collection of keychains that are unique to your school

Vograce is a keychain manufacturer that provides custom keychains for all sorts of organizations and businesses, distinguished by high-quality products and superior customer service, low MOQs, and cost-competitive prices.

Custom stickers offered by this company come in all forms: die-cut stickers, Washi Tape stickers, vinyl stickers and even holographic. Plus they can customize it with your logo or message!

Sublimation printing offers another solution for creating customized keychains: this eco-friendly and energy efficient method transfers designs onto plastic surfaces using heat presses – an eco-friendly and energy efficient method of printing your logo or other images onto keychains.

These keychains often feature customized designs to show your support for an organization or cause, yet can be expensive to create and transport.

Before purchasing Vograce custom acrylic keychains, it is crucial to carefully consider their impact on the environment. Manufacturing these items consumes energy which has an adverse impact on the earth.

To avoid this scenario, it’s wise to seek out companies offering products made through eco-friendly manufacturing processes and using environmentally friendly packaging and shipping methods.

Vograce offers custom product design and production as well as IP protection to their customers, guaranteeing that any of your designs won’t be pirated or stolen by third-parties.

Vograce offers a showroom where their products can be seen first-hand and to ensure they meet your expectations and fit within your budget. This way you can be sure that any item purchased meets both those criteria.

Vograce offers an online shop where customers can purchase keychains, badges and stickers. Furthermore, their monthly discount day gives shoppers an excellent opportunity to save on their orders. With professional equipment and 200 employees to assist them in producing quality products while protecting clients’ intellectual property rights as well as adhering to ethical production practices; Vograce strives to produce top-quality goods while adhering to ethical production practices.

4. Create a collection of keychains that are unique to your organization

Vograce custom keychains are an effective and cost-efficient way to promote your business or organization, offering durable yet cost-effective keychains that can be customized according to your specific needs and tastes. They make great keepsakes for friends and family members.

These keychains are also eco-friendly, so you can give them to customers without fear of damaging the planet. Crafted from acrylic material that’s nontoxic and recyclable when their time has come.

Acrylic material is sturdy and scratch-proof, giving you peace of mind that your keychains will stand the test of time. They’re also lightweight and convenient enough to transport with ease.

Custom printed keychains offer endless customization opportunities, from designs and colours to glitter or holographic finishes that stand out.


Vograce custom acrylic keychains are durable, door-free and cost-effective keychain solutions designed for multiple uses. From round to oval and clear or opaque acrylic designs – as well as multiple shapes and sizes available – they make ideal gifts that can also be customized with monograms, logos or artwork for personalized branding purposes – which can then be shipped globally!


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