Young individuals commit various crimes, ranging in nature and severity, and some are more prevalent than others. Get in touch with a Geneva criminal lawyer right now to learn more about the legal assistance we can provide. Continue reading to learn about the five most prevalent crimes committed by teenagers.


It’s a pretty popular crime among today’s kids. Again, the type and extent of the robbery differ significantly. Some youngsters choose to commit petty thefts at convenience shops and malls, while others try stealing bigger stuff like vehicles.

2. Vandalism

When it comes to minor offenses, vandalism is one of the most prevalent.

Gangs or individuals across the globe often execute vandalism. Inappropriately painting the walls in public places (graffiti), damaging property, and littering are ways young folks get into this crime. 

3. Physical Assault

It’s an era when anxiety levels in teenagers are low and hormones are at their peak. Attacks may not necessarily occur as a result of conflicts. Many of these crimes are committed in connection with other crimes, such as stealing. Assaults can occur in various settings, both inside and outside the classroom. Fighting is, nevertheless, prevalent in the playground, where teens interact closely.

4. Offenses involving drugs and alcohol

It’s vital to remember that teens’ prefrontal brain is still developing. Human executive functions, like planning and thinking, are controlled by this critical brain region. Teenagers are incapable of anticipating and weighing the consequences of drug abuse! Anyone under 18 who possesses drugs or alcohol might face criminal charges.

5. Curfew Violation

Curfew rules are in effect in several places around the United States to safeguard youths. It’s also for the benefit of the general population. These regulations assist in keeping the roads safe from criminal activities committed by juveniles an adult does not supervise. The risk of committing crimes can be lowered by prohibiting the public from going out during specific hours. Anyone under 18 caught outside during curfew hours faces a heavy fine. 

Remain On The Lookout For Teen Crime

Statistics show that juvenile crime has decreased significantly in recent years. Despite this, the rate of minor crimes continues to be greater than in a perfect society, and they might also be more prevalent than statistics indicate. Perhaps, this article has highlighted five major offenses that often occur in recent times.


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