If you’ve been thinking of using skills tests to assess candidates, then you have made the right decision. Confirming candidate proficiency is a must. But there are a few key things to know before you get started with employment skills testing software.

Use skills tests and other assessment methods together

It doesn’t have to be either interviews or skills assessment tests. The perfect recruiting process utilises skills tests and candidate interviews to perfectly understand what each candidate can bring to the hiring organisation.

Interviews are great for the opportunity it provides to conduct a direct conversation and generate a quick response. Recruiters can ask different questions to check career history, qualifications, and prospective plans. But at the same time, it is also easy to exaggerate skills and embellish experiences just to impress recruiters and hiring managers. There is no strong way to ensure that the candidate has what it takes to do the job well.

Optimising the recruiting process with skills testing software enables a valuable candidate skills assessment process. How exactly is it valuable? Well, a good skills assessment software comes equipped with a big library of tests suitable to evaluate talent needed for different roles across sectors. These can range from skills tests to measure technical skills like MS Office skills tests or accounting skills tests to exercises to figure out interpersonal abilities like psychometric skills testing.

It is critical to combine the act of candidate interviews and candidate skills testing to get the best and most comprehensive understanding of an applicant

Online skills assessment software and how to use it

If you justprintcard are deciding on an employment skills testing software, it is only right that you select one that enables you to carry out the assessments online. Remote recruiting is now standard. Clients and candidates expect recruiters that at least a couple of the recruiting steps are virtual and carried out remotely.

The ability to send and complete skills tests remotely accelerates the hiring process. With the war for talent still ongoing, you want to get the top talent as quickly as possible before the candidates snatch them up.

Make sure your agency’s front office recruitment software integrates with the skills testing platform you select. This is because your recruitment CRM software is a tool you use every working day, and it is highly efficient and beneficial to access all the other important recruiting tech tools from within the CRM. So, while you are going through the candidate CVs and applications, you can also decide to send them relevant skills tests. Then with just a few clicks, you will be able to pick suitable assessments and send them to one or a group of candidates. All this can be accomplished within a couple of minutes.

Slbux Online skills testing software is also favourable for candidates because they can do the exercises from anywhere provided they have a stable internet connection and a computer device. It saves a lot of time and effort. The results from the online skills testing are automatically directed to the recruiter’s inbox which is very convenient. Next, recruiters can proceed to check and then share the test results with their client companies which aid in the decision-making process.

Get a skills assessment software which holds all the relevant assessments such as literacy skills tests, numeracy skills tests, accounting skills tests, etc. These are commonly used for candidate skills testing and they will come in handy for a variety of roles.


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