Construction worker accidents are frequently caused by construction equipment and machinery. It will not be fair to blame the equipment but those who created, maintained, or misused it. The construction accident attorneys in Rochester represent workers injured by construction equipment and machinery.


Mishaps involving forklifts, backhoes, scissor lifts, masonry machinery, hydraulic jacks, cranes, front-end loader accidents, and booms occur every year in Rochester and elsewhere. However, these mishaps are not “accidental in almost all cases.” They are the result of someone’s carelessness or negligence.

What results in a failure of the construction equipment?

There are two types of failures in construction equipment or machinery:

(1) An injured construction worker may have a “products liability” or “defective products” lawsuit if the machine or equipment was not correctly designed or produced or lacked necessary warnings, rendering it unsafe. In such circumstances, must sue the equipment or machinery’s manufacturer and seller.

(2) If the construction equipment or machinery caused an injury as a result of how it was MAINTAINED or USED, it is more than likely a labor law issue and must sue a contractor, construction site owner, or both.

(3) Another form of construction accident case involves a worker who was hurt due to a lack of sufficient safety equipment, such as goggles, helmets, breathing masks, nets, safety harnesses, lanyards, etc. For example, While sandblasting, a worker who does not use a mask will inhale dangerous dust and particles. He may not notice any problems with his lungs for years, but it will very certainly be permanent and severely debilitating when he does.

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A worker who does not wear goggles when pounding nails may lose his eye if a nail bounces back at him. Workers get hurt in a variety of ways as a result of not being supplied or trained on how to utilize the equipment properly.

When is the machinery safe?

Construction machinery and equipment are only safe if 

(1) the workers who use it are appropriately trained and supervised; 

(2) it is designed and manufactured safely; 

(3) the construction equipment and machinery are properly maintained; and

(4) the construction equipment and machinery are equipped with appropriate warnings.

(5) the workers who use it do so safely and properly; 


Construction workers can face injury by almost any tool, equipment, machine, or tool that fails or is misused. With so much that can go wrong on a construction site, it is no surprise that there are so many injuries.



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