Whether you are not able to locate the bookmark where you saved your important links or whether you got it accidentally deleted.

Let’s tell you, ‘it is possible to recover Chrome Mac bookmarks!’

But before pumping up your adrenaline over how to recover deleted bookmarks, take 2 minutes to read this article ahead which discusses:

  • Where to find the bookmarks stored on Mac?
  • How to recover deleted bookmarks on Mac?

Where to find the bookmarks stored on Mac?

If you want to save an important weblink you want to visit later, you can press on the star icon next to the address bar of that particular web page.

Then, tada! You have the webpage saved on Chrome for future reference.

If you want to visit the saved bookmark via Google Chrome on Mac, you can either visit Chrome’s bookmarks section or press the Command + Alt + B keys.

How to recover deleted bookmarks on Mac?

There are four ways to recover Chrome Mac bookmarks if you accidentally lose your bookmarks.

Option 1: Undo the accidental deletion

When you accidentally delete bookmarks from Chrome’s bookmark manager, immediately do the undo function by “Command + Shift + B.”

And you will have the bookmarks restored in Chrome.

Option 2: Use your Google account to recover Chrome Mac bookmarks

If you have backed up your bookmarks to your Google account, you can get them just by using some simple steps.

First, log in to your google account and link your Chrome app with your Google account.

Then enable the sync option of your bookmarks by following Chrome Settings > Sync > Advanced Sync Settings.

Now you will see the types of data to sync. Then turn on the sync option for the bookmarks and save the changes.

This way, you can recover Chrome Mac bookmarks using your Google account.

But if you have removed or deleted the bookmarks from your Google account, skip to option 3.

Option 3: Use a Time Machine Backup to recover Chrome Mac bookmarks

If you have been using Mac, you must know about the Time Machine, an inbuilt backup feature used to restore data.

But this option to recover Chrome Mac bookmarks will only work if you have already set it up and have your backups in it. Or else skip to option 4.

To specifically extract only Chrome’s Bookmarks file from the Time Machine backup, do the following:

  • First, attach the Time Machine drive to your Mac using a USB cable.
  • Launch the Time Machine application by going to your Mac’s System Preferences.
  • Another alternate choice to launch the Time Machine application is by booting your Mac system in the Recovery Mode through the macOS utility option.
  • Once you launch the Time Machine application, enable the option to ‘Show Time Machine in the menu bar.’ Afterward, go to the menu bar and click on ‘Enter Time Machine.’
  • Once the interface of the Time Machine is launched, browse and select the Bookmarks data using the scrolling options on the side.
  • Once you locate the Bookmarks file, select it, and click on ‘Restore.’
  • Then copy the Bookmarks file and go to Macintosh HD > User > Library > App Support > Google > Chrome > Default folder to manually paste the file.

This new backup file you pasted will become your new Bookmarks file. Thus you recover Chrome Mac bookmarks using the Time Machine Backup.

Option 4: Use the Chrome bookmark recovery tool to recover Chrome Mac bookmarks

If none of the above options work, the next option to recover Chrome Mac bookmarks is using professional Mac data recovery software.

Stellar Data Recovery for Mac is a professional Mac data recovery software that you can utilize to recover Chrome Mac bookmarks and many other data like deleted documents, audio files, photos, and many others from all Mac devices & drives.

Once you download the Stellar Data Recovery for Mac, follow the below-mentioned steps to recover Chrome Mac bookmarks.

  • After launching the Chrome bookmark recovery tool, select the bookmark file you want to recover.
  • Then select the storage location and click on the ‘Scan’ button to start the process.
  • Now you will get retrievable bookmarks on the left and navigate them by scrolling and clicking. To see the deleted files, go to the Deleted List.
  • Now choose the bookmark files you want to recover and click the Recover option.
  • So you will get a pop-up window asking you to choose the location where you want to retrieve the bookmarks file. Follow this path: Macintosh HD > Users > Username Library > Application Support > Google > Chrome > Default
  • Finally, save to recover Chrome Mac bookmarks in the Default folder.

Conclusion: Recover Chrome Mac bookmarks

Are you a computer pro?

If not, no worries!

Using Stellar Data Recovery for Mac, you can quickly recover Chrome Mac bookmarks that you thought you had lost.


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