Almost all of us have fees, bills, and sometimes spontaneous expenses. How to deal with household finances so you don’t have to worry about an empty wallet at the end of the month? More and more people install a budgeting app on their smartphones to make it easier to control expenses. The choice is wide, so how do you pick the app for yourself?

Before you make a decision, there are a couple of questions that you need to ask yourself when testing the application:

  • What is the app designed to do?

Today’s apps are not just about adding income and expenses. The apps provide multiple additional functions to make budget tracking more fun, such as

  • counting your expenses
  • dividing them into categories
  • show statistics
  • synchronizing the data between several devices (family members)
  • scanning the receipts to minimize manual input, etc.
  • How secure is the app

Money is a very subtle matter and everyone wants to keep it private and secure. For this reason, besides functionality, you should also check the security of the application on all levels. Firstly, verify if the app requires a password or face recognition to log in. It is the first step to security in case you lose your device. Secondly, find out if and how the app provider encrypts the collected data. This will let you be sure that your data is only yours and is not shared with anyone else outside of the device.

  • How easy is the app to navigate

Cost tracking might not be the most exciting thing in your life. That’s why it is extremely important that the app you choose is user-friendly and clear. Choose apps with a simple interface, large buttons, clearly divided sections, and colors. The appealing design will make cost tracking easier and stress-free.

  • What is the reputation of the app (and provider)

Nowadays, app stores are full of not only financial applications but also users’ opinions. If you want to save your time and not download an app that will disappoint you, surfing through the rating to find the best expense tracker app Singapore might be very helpful. Besides the short user reviews, it is worth checking the available articles online where financial experts express their opinion about the most useful smartphone tools.

Why do you need an app?

Simple and enjoyable management of the household budget, storing invoices and receipts, putting loyalty cards in one place, etc. We can gain all this by downloading innovative financial apps for smartphones.

Pros Cons
You will know how much and where you spend You need to add every spending into the app regularly
You will discover how you can cut the expenses  
You will notice how small spendings accumulate big wastes  



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