Of course it does! Broken key extraction is one of the most common services a locksmith can present, and it is very common by people who take their keys out with people who are not professionals, so the cheap stuff doesn’t last very long. 

Many people think that doing this is easy and that anyone with pliers can perform an extraction, but they don’t consider the position in which the key has broken, how it will affect the lock system, and also what they will do after removing it if they don’t have spare keys. This is why it is always essential to hire a professional. 

In fact, this is not the only service that people think they can hack and get it right, only to be shocked by the reality. But we trust that you are not that kind of person, especially when a locksmith can offer you:

Certifications and licensing

Do you really want to hire someone who doesn’t even know the theory of what they are doing, and the practice knows it empirically? This can result in a risk both for you for a bad installation, and for your family because you do not know who that person is who is entering your home. So you should always opt for a licensed locksmith who will show it without fear.

Instant professionalism.

From the first moment you get in touch with one of them, they explain in detail the whole procedure that will be carried out and what is the budget depending on your case. Maybe your key is in a house, or in a car, and this varies the cost and should be discussed in detail so you know where your expenses are going. 

Immediacy, you won’t wait too long

Locksmiths understand when it is an emergency and their presence is needed as soon as possible. When you call them, these people will tell you how long it will take them to be on site and believe us when we tell you that they will be on time unless there is an inconvenience that they will clearly notify you of. This speed derives from the fact that most of them have their own transportation. 

Specialized tools, no improvisation 

We just mentioned their own transportation, and this is a key to this need. Since in it they transport all their tools for all types of cases, so do not dare to doubt that they will not be able to solve it, if they can not do it the first time they will have a second and third plan to be able to successfully remove the key


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