Comparing prices and quotations is normal when choosing a moving company. While price is a good determining factor to consider when hiring moving companies, it should not be the only deciding factor.


Small moving companies are cheaper than large moving companies, no doubt. But are they the right mover for you? Why are they cheaper?


This guide will answer these questions and outline the differences between large and small moving companies and what are the things you should consider aside from prices when choosing a moving company.

Why are small moving companies cheaper?

Small moving companies are cheaper than large moving companies because they run low overhead costs, thus they can provide more affordable prices for their clients.


Most small moving companies are local movers who only offer intrastate moving services, so they tend to be cheaper than large companies that offer interstate services.

Differences between small moving and large moving companies

Price is not the only thing that differentiates small and large moving companies. They have distinctive features. Let’s see some of their differences.

Industry standing

Although they both offer moving services, large moving companies are more favored by people because they think they offer the best services. Also, because they offer interstate moving services, they are more respected and revered.


Small moving companies however only offer services for small and intrastate moves. Although some small moving companies move outside the state, people might not want to trust them with their belongings because they consider them small.

Quality of service

Large and small moving companies offer different kinds of services. You have to make sure the moving company you’re choosing can offer the quality of service you need.


They both might offer more quality service because they want to build a credible reputation for their brand so they don’t want people to leave bad reviews for you. However, the lack of resources and limitations might make local movers lose in this regard.


Large moving companies have resources and equipment that can make moving easier for them. They also have enough workers to hasten the moving process.


Small moving companies don’t have access to many resources like large companies do. Because they are running on a budget, they might not be able to afford some big equipment.

Things to consider before choosing a moving company

Whether you’re hiring a small moving company or a large moving company, there are other things to consider aside from the price of the service. 


Here are some things to consider:

Know what you need

You need to know which moving company is good for you before making your choice. You need to consider the distance and how many belongings you’re moving. If you’re moving within your city, you might consider hiring local movers and if you’re moving to another state, you’ll need long-distance moving companies.


Also, if your belongings are not too much, hiring a small moving company might be the best so that you can cut costs.

Insurance and license

Before you hire a moving company, small or large, make sure that they are licensed and that they have insurance. If it’s an interstate moving company, check that they have a DOT number that must have been issued to them by the U.S government.


For local moving companies, you can ask for their license and insurance policy.

Check for reviews

You need to confirm what other people think about the hiring company before you hire them. You can check their reviews and ratings online. Also, ask family and friends who might have used their service how the experience was.


How long they have been in the moving business counts too. When hiring a moving company, check that they are experienced and have built a credible reputation for themselves. 

Pros and cons of hiring small moving companies 

Hiring small moving companies might be the best for you if you’re moving from within the same city or you have just little things to move. However, there might be some upsides and downsides to hiring local movers. 


Let’s see some of them.

The pros:


Because of the low overhead costs of small moving companies, they can give clients more affordable prices compared to large moving companies. 


Small moving companies tend to be flexible because most of the time, they don’t have to adhere to strict rules and regulations. They can easily accommodate changes if need be. For example, a small moving company can be hired impromptu for the next day. It’s not the same with large companies, you have to go through strict laid down protocols.

The cons:


Small moving companies may be limited to intrastate moving services. Some people may not want to hire them because they think they won’t be able to tackle any challenges if the need be.


Also, small moving companies are limited to small moves. They don’t get involved in moving big apartment belongings.

Low resources 

Small moving companies may not have enough resources to ensure safe moving. Because they don’t run a high-cost company, their resources may be limited. 

Final Thoughts

It’s no news that small moving companies are cheaper than large moving companies. However, you shouldn’t make price differences the utmost criteria for hiring a moving company, make sure to consider other factors too.


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