Think of this example – You were driving cautiously on the highway when the other driver rammed into your car. Since Ohio is a fault state, the at-fault driver is liable for your losses. Winning your car accident or any personal injury claim won’t be easy. The other side wouldn’t admit fault, and insurance companies do their best to evade liability. Hiring a personal injury lawyer in Ohio is necessary, and here are the seven tips you need to choose. 

  1. Look for specialization. Personal injury law is complex and hard to understand. It also covers a wide variety of cases, right from medical malpractice to premise liability. Don’t hire any random lawyer, but someone who specializes in personal injury law. 
  2. Check the lawyer’s work. Does the lawyer have experience working on similar cases and lawsuits? How many claims have they handled so far? Knowing your attorney is absolutely necessary. 
  3. Know the fee. Most attorneys in Ohio take personal injury lawsuits on a contingency fee. The attorney’s fee – a percentage of the settlement – is only payable after they win. The fee of an injury lawyer shouldn’t exceed 40%. 
  4. Trial experience matters. Many attorneys have never been in the courtroom because personal injury cases are often settled without a trial. If you are hiring a lawyer, ensure that they have trial experience, which could be important for your case. 
  5. Check their top settlements. An injury lawyer who has handled numerous high-worth claims and lawsuits will have at least a few landmark settlements and cases to their credit. Don’t forget to ask for details. 
  6. Don’t miss reviews. What do other clients say about a law firm? Does the injury lawyer have rave reviews online? Or did you find a lot of negative stories? These details can help you sort your options. 
  7. Go to their office. A law firm that doesn’t maintain a good office and is hesitant to arrange in-person meetings is clearly not an adequate choice. Ask the attorney if they are willing to meet in their office. 

There is no better way of saying this – You cannot expect to know everything and win a fair settlement without an injury lawyer. If you were injured in an accident, get in touch with a lawyer right away and seek their support. It doesn’t cost anything to use their expertise until you win, and that is a huge relief too. 


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