You may play ARK: Survival Evolved on any one of a large number of servers, but how do you pick the best one? This has all the information you’ll need.

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What is ARK: Survival Evolved?

Players in ARK: Survival Evolved face up against the dangerous elements of an unknown island. They have to be able to hunt, gather food, establish a safe haven, and defend themselves using whatever means necessary. The game takes a fresh approach to the survival genre by centering on dinosaurs and other ancient beasts. Players can domesticate these animals and put them to use in their quest for island success.

Players in ARK: Survival Evolved compete against one another in a thrilling race to stay alive and leave a hostile island. The game has both a cooperative mode in which players must work together to live and a competitive option in which they may use their wits against one another for the title of dominance. Furthermore, players may select from various server types, each with its own rules and playstyle.

How to Choose an ARK Server Hosting Provider

Control Panel: Standard or Customized

Changing the configuration files, enabling admin cheats, backing up your world, and installing modifications can all be done through the ARK server’s control panel. Most game hosting services offer a rudimentary TCAdmin control panel. That’s all you need to host an Ark Survival Evolved Server for your buddies. Larger and more specialized game server hosting will have additional features, including those built just for ARK. To simplify server administration, an ARK control panel may be modified to allow for scheduling tasks, in-server notifications, and the management of many servers.

Official Updates: Manual or Automatic

Any time a new version of ARK is released, your host should make it available immediately. Simply click the Steam Update button on the main menu to install updates. When a new server version is released by your host, some servers allow you to enable automatic updates through a checkbox in your control panel. It’s essential to be cautious while installing modifications since it’s only sometimes feasible to roll back to a previous game version if something goes wrong.

Restore Files and Use FTP

You should be able to seasily save and load your world using the administrative interface. If you’re worried about losing data, it’s a good idea to verify if your host supports scheduled backups or can automate creating backups when your server is restarted. An offsite system often stores a zip file of the backup, providing an alternative copy that may be restored in the event of a disaster.

Most gaming server hosting services include full FTP access, and streamlining server management. With File Transfer Protocol (FTP), you may transfer data between your computer and the server. You may use this to upload previously saved configurations or game data or download backups for safekeeping. If you’re technically skilled, this will make it possible for you to switch to a different host.

Changing Web Hosts / Migration

When switching server hosts, you may have the option to transfer your data. This feature may be crucial if you’re unhappy with your current ARK host and want to switch servers. In case you ever decide to switch hosts, it’s also crucial that you’re able to migrate away from your new one. Researching a host’s rules ahead of time is important because some will give a migration service at no cost, while others will see it as an additional service. Using FTP to transfer a local save file to your new Ark Survival Evolved Server is also feasible.

Anti-DDoS Measures

DDoS assaults, short for “distributed denial of service,” are efforts to bring down an internet service by flooding it with traffic from numerous locations at once. Preventing distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks or minimizing downtime during an assault requires either specialized software and hardware or several redundant servers. DDoS protection seems like a given; after all, most servers provide it to safeguard themselves as much as you; nevertheless, many server hosts don’t offer protection or just supply it in certain network areas. If you plan on marketing your Ark Survival Evolved Server to a broader audience with assured up-time, consider whether it has DDoS protection. This may be a minor concern for tiny private ARK servers intended for casual playtime with friends.

Affordability: There may be a price for paying low costs.

Once you’ve discovered many providers offering a local network with the necessary specs (low ping, sufficient slot availability, user-friendly administration, and support for all the necessary DLC and add-ons), it’s time to compare prices. You can locate a good gaming server for under a dollar per slot in Australia and for about a buck and fifty cents in the United States and Europe. You want to get the most for your money, but remember not to always trust the least expensive gaming host.


We hope you found this article helpful in getting your own ARK: Survival Evolved server up and running. Keep in mind that it’s important to look into your alternatives thoroughly and select a hosting service that meets your specific requirements. You can get your server up and operate quickly with preparation and work. 


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